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Why Choose Solar Shop Hua Hin: Install Your System Today! (Updated Blog)

Why Choose Solar Shop Hua Hin: Install Your System Today!

written by Greg Shaw, Solar Energy Consultant and Managing Director, Solar Shop Hua Hin.

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We just signed on with customers from Europe, the UK, the US, Australia and Thailand for on- and off-grid solar systems. You’d think that there was a low season for our business. Not this year. Thailand is certainly Go for Solar! Last month we set a new record for our company. We completed 4 installs in 1 week. Why is Solar Shop Hua Hin so busy you ask?

Choosing the right solar system is so much more than receiving a bottom-line price. Firstly, a bit of background about Solar Shop Hua Hin. We have been in business in Hua Hin for over 5 years. Our company offers solar systems that are affordable without sacrificing exceptional quality and service. We are local and family-owned. Our core team only operates in the Hua Hin, Cha am and Pranburi area (not 3 or 4 big cities) making us very responsive to follow-up service and on-site consultation requests. Our team of engineers regularly produce unique designs (works of art and engineering) that meet the requirements of the owner(s). We offer European and PEA Standard solar systems with payback as low as 3 to 5 years. On average we reduce home and business electric bills by over 70%. We do spend a lot of time advising people in the Hua Hin area on what is the best system for them – and also regularly advise people what to avoid. Solar Shop Hua Hin in comprised of a team of engineers with exceptional and diverse experience (please also see our Bios at solarshop-huahin.com/about-us/). We always do our best to be transparent and honest. We are have the lead role a part of a network on installation companies that have installed over 1,000 solar systems across Thailand and Laos. With over 100 solar installations in Hua Hin and southern Thailand and a well-stocked street front store and online green energy shop (solarshop-huahin.com) we are the largest solar system installer and equipment supplier in Hua Hin and along our coastline.

About our team: Our registered company and solar supply shop (located beside the large Maxxis tire shop just up from Big C) is properly staffed to supply exceptional service and follow up care to our valued customers. Our families have been residing in Hua Hin for over 16 years. We have over 50 years experience between K. Chalerm, K. Korawan, K. Penpit and I (Greg) managing businesses ranging from solar energy systems to home construction to property sales in Hua Hin. I am a Mechanical Engineer. Chalerm is an Electrical Engineer (13 years) with a Masters in Electrical Engineering specializing in Solar Energy Engineering. His thesis, successfully defended, was about sine wave output from solar inverters. He has been a certified electrician serving the Hua Hin area for over 20 years. Yes that means that Chalerm has visited many homes performing electrical and solar system works for longer-term residents in Hua Hin.

To expand on how important it is to choose a trustworthy solar installation team. We are running into a number of folks here who are not sizing and designing systems properly and also are not completely informing customers about what they are selling/what customers are buying. One of our clients was quoted, for instance, the wrong size and design for their solar system (NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!). Good thing they contacted us for a free, no pressure, consultation, so we could “Save the Day!”

And a bit more … Chalerm, Solar Shop Hua Hin’s electrical engineer, also sampled some roof mounting gear the other day, bought from a solar distributor near Hua Hin. What was of concern was that he could take the mounting “hooks” (the part that physically connects the solar panels to the roof steel structure) and snap them in half with his bare hands. Loads of questions spring to mind. How would those hooks keep your panels fastened to your roof in a storm with high winds? What would happen if the panels came off and injured someone? Or damaged your/someone’s property? Who would accept responsibility to repair your damaged roof solar system?

We carefully size our systems so as to significantly reduce electricity bills but protect the customer by ensuring that each of our solar systems not only meets the needs and expectations of each house owner, but also aligns with pertinent PEA legislation and local policies.

Please know that during site consultations we are happy to discuss the facts and fallacies of owning a solar system in Thailand. Fact: The PEA does not allow solar system owners to run their monthly bill into negative territory (less than 0 Baht) so it is a real no-go-zone! That’s why its important to ensure your system is sized properly. And what is the point of oversizing a system when the owner will have to switch off the system each month to avoid a negative bill at the end of the month. As we are family-owned, we CARE about our customer’s success with their solar system so we don’t oversize / undersize our customer’s systems and thus over-charge our good clients.

And a bit more … You need an experienced and trustworthy installation team and supplier. You may have heard the story of the solar company team in Thailand which broke roof tiles (leading to roof leaking) in addition to ceiling gypsum board and then refused to accept responsibility, replace/repair or pay for the damage. They even had the gull to blame the development workers. This is why it’s important that you select an installation company that you can trust. The installation team needs to be careful while working on and under your roof. The solar company needs to be honest. Did they leave your house in the exact state/condition as before the job? Will they let you know about it if a mishap ioccurs?

And “buyer beware” … Why choose a solar system company operating in another city like Bangkok or Pattaya? Owners, for one, have complained about poor follow up care. Have a problem with your system? It may take weeks for the company to show up to sort it out. If they show up at all. No kidding! Because this is how local solar system owners in Hua Hin have been treated by their distant installers and suppliers. And why do your online shopping at other Thai, or Chinese-owned, websites? At solarshop-huahin.com we stand behind our products and do so locally. One has to questions the medium- and long-term durability of many of the solar equipment for sale. What’s the point of buying something that has a 1 year warrantee and breaks after 1 year of use? So let me also ask you: When you have a problem will they honor warrantees and exchange items for you quickly? Do you need to ship your inverter to, say, China for several months, on your own dollar – while the factory staff decides if they will replace your equipment as per warrantee terms? We have stock in place in Thailand to replace items quickly if there is a valid warrantee claim. This is because we invest in stock / solar system supplies to serve your needs.

As you may know it’s the “ingredients” (European Standard panel/inverter output/efficiency, wiring, system output, performance, ease of WiFi monitoring, durability, warrantees, follow-up service) and values such as honesty and trustworthiness that count. It is very easy to substitute components of systems with “cheap junk” and pass it off as being top of the line. It is very easy to quote, design and install a system that doesn’t meet the expectations and goals of the customer. Your electrical installation needs to be standard with durability and safety in mind. Chalerm spends a lot of time finding the best, safest and strongest accessories for the price. Our electrical works which form the basis of our solar system installation are PEA Standard. Our solar panels and inverters are European Standard. Plain and simple!

Finally, we are offering now very high quality and yield crystalline PERC panels. We exclusively stock and supply Hua Hin’s newest, high-output Sunfree 330W (poly) and 370W (mono PERC) as well as Seraphim 380W (mono PERC) solar panels. It is worth noting that the 370W and 380W panels also have black cells and black frames making them look beautiful / aesthetically-pleasing on your roof. What’s of interest about the “Tier 1” panels is that the Seraphim company also has a factory in the United States. Feel free to Google ‘Tier 1 Bloomberg Group’, ‘poly mono crystalline’ and ‘PERC’ to better understand the terminology. Our European Standard inverters and lithium batteries (when sold with our Solax hybrid battery-backup inverters) come with a 5 year warrantee. It is truly unique to offer such a long warrantee on the lithium batteries let me assure you. Expected lifespans for our inverters, lithium batteries and solar panels are 15, 10-15 and 30 years respectively. So you will be purchasing a long-lasting system when shopping with us.

We have installed battery backup systems for small to large homes and businesses. We have actual installs ranging from garden lighting projects to large factory installations. Our installations are showing excellent output (exceeding our expectations which is a pleasant surprise). We know the correct way to install systems on sloped and flat roofs – with efficiency and self-cleaning in mind. Our company is legally registered (work permits and company registry in order), we are strongly connected with the community and local electric authorities and we have a follow-up service plan in place for our customers.

If you would like a FREE, NO COMMITMENT CONSULTATION regarding a solar system for your property please feel free to contact us today at: 089-824-1963. Feel free to browse our online shop at solarshop-huahin.com. Pls. do spend time reading our Testimonials on our website. They will give you “peace-of-mind” about doing business with us. Thank you for your business and continued support.


Solar Shop Hua Hin is Hua Hin’s largest and most dependable solar energy company. We provide exceptional products and services at affordable prices and we offer long-term customer care. Our Team is committed to using green solar energy to help our retail customers and residential/business partners make the necessary transition towards energy independence. “We design and install affordable solar systems with the highest yields and fastest payback periods. For your free, no commitment consultation contact us today at huahinsolar@gmail.com. If you have anything less than a great experience with Solar Shop Hua Hin please call my cell.” Greg, Solar Energy Consultant and Managing Director, +66(0)89 824 1963.