About Us

“Trustworthy, Credible, Straightforward, and Honest. We are Passionate about Solar Energy.”

Founded in 2016, Solar Shop Hua Hin (registered Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.) is locally owned and operated by Greg (Managing Director, Solar and Mechanical Engineer) and K. Aom (Managing Director, Accounting/Admin). Our team is highly-experienced and includes K. Ooh (Licensed Electrical Engineer), K. Nong (Civil Engineer), K. Pat (Certified Electrician), K. Diow and team (Second Generation Roofers), and K. Tern and K. Aom (Office Admin and PEA Registration). Our entire team are long-term residents of Hua Hin (over 20 years). We almost exclusively build and install locally in Cha am, Hua Hin, Pranburi and Sam Roi Yot so that we can provide Highly Responsive Customer Care for Our Valued Customers.

Solar Shop offers turnkey EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) service for solar home builds, and residential and business solar rooftop mounted and ground mounted systems (solar farms). At Solar Shop Hua Hin we use the latest versions of advanced software to design and build your solar home, to ensure accurate build Quality Control and to model your solar system to ensure best returns on your solar investment.

Please Note: For your “peace of mind” we only install PEA Standard solar systems. We install solar panels using proven techniques so your roof will never leak. We also meet with the PEA regularly so we can truthfully guide you on how to remain compliant with your solar systems.

Our “Feathers-in-the-Cap”

Solar Shop Hua Hin is the chosen/expert installer of solar systems for the prestigious Mali Boutique and Mali Lotus by Orchid Palm Homes, Baan Rom Yen at Springfield GCC, and Grand Hills Hua Hin developments. We also installed the first solar systems at Black Mountain GCC, Mali Prestige and Mali Residence by Orchid Palm Homes, Sanctuary Lakes, Red Mountain: Luxury and The Woodlands, Sanuk Residence, and other distinguished developments in Hua Hin. Other noteworthy solar installs include businesses (eg. hotel and office buildings, boutique eco-resorts, coffee shops, pastry and bakery school, and Tai Chi centre), a furniture factory, and a factory installation for an Energy Exploration Company.

Our Mission and Vision:

“Every Generation Needs a New Revolution.”

With the social and environmental impacts of human activities – climate change, global warming, pollution, resource scarcity, and nature’s degradation – becoming more clear, our communities and customers are demanding we act to address these challenges.

Solar Shop Hua Hin (registered Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.) is committed to using green solar energy to help our retail customers and residential/business partners make the necessary transition towards energy independence. Our goal is to provide exceptional quality solar products and dependable services at affordable prices. Providing effective and customized solar solutions for our customers; offering long-term dependable care for our customers, and lowering the electricity costs and carbon footprints of individual households and businesses are our Top Priorities. We strongly believe that together, one solar sale and installation at a time, we will make a difference to current and future generations.

We Offer:

1. Exceptional Products, Lowest-Competitive Prices, Best Reliability, Stable Warehouse Stocks

2. Highest Quality “Tier 1” Solar and Technology, Equipment and Components

3. Tailor-made Solutions for Solar PV Panel and Storage Systems. Blending Seamlessly with Your Property

4. Installation of Solar Systems with the Best Performance and Highest Yield Locally

5. Prompt and Attentive Customer Service, Maintenance, and Follow-Up Care

6. Professional Team including Qualified (Masters in Solar Energy Engineering) and Experienced Engineers and Electricians

7. Customer Referral Rewards / Commissions

8. Free Real-Time Monitoring via Smartphone App

Please Note: We also design, install & supply for the community and commercial developments and perform professional electrician/construction/renovation services. Pls. contact us today for your free consultation. We look forward to improving your life, home, and business & collectively, to preserving our children’s future.

Recent Installations:

We regularly install solar EC-car chargers, business and residential home on-grid and hybrid systems with lithium or gel batteries, UPS systems, solar garages, garden veranda and patio roofs and pool water heating systems.

We also perform electrical services and roof repair for our solar system at a discount for our customers.

Our off-grid and electrical systems have included custom stand-alone with battery-backup solar system powering large outdoor DC lighting system and AC fans and water pump. Off-grid battery backup (for power outages) supplying inverter air conditioner systems and low-pressure water pumps. 3-Phase surge protection. Energy-efficient Inverter air conditioners and appliances. Timers for outdoor lights and pool pumps. Internet Network and CCTV systems. Solar patio roofs with steelworks. Electrical installations and house renovations/ rebuilds.

“For your free consultation contact us today at 089 824 1963 (Line, WhatsAPP), huahinsolar@gmail.com