Solar Investment Calculator

When visiting homes Solar Shop Hua Hin staff are frequently asked about how exactly solar energy systems create value for homes and businesses. As explained in several of our Blogs (Solar News at installed solar PV panel systems provide the following positive outcomes:

1. Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill!

2. Enhance the Value of Your House on the Property Market!

3. Produce Your Own Clean, Environmentally Friendly Energy! And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

To better evaluate the estimated benefits of Solar Shop Hua Hin PV panel systems we introduce here Hua Hin’s first solar investment calculator.

How To Use The Solar Calculator

Using the investment and PV array size calculator is fairly straight forward. Remember! Simply view your latest electric bill and enter your monthly payment (including fees and 7% VAT) and the units (KWh) consumed this month. Ask someone who reads Thai to show you (on your utility bill) where you can find the KWh’s of electricity consumed if needbe.

When using the calculator go ahead and play with the different sizes of solar PV panel arrays using the drop down menu. Compare the different results. Typical solar system sizes range between 3KW and 8KW.

Finally, enter the amount you have been quoted for your solar system (optional). You will see your payback period or “years to payoff” as well as your Rate of Return on investment. ENJOY the solar calculator!

To finalise your solar system sizing and receive a quote please contact Solar Shop Hua Hin for your free consultation today!


Rated Power (KW) of Solar PV Array – The total rated power output (or “size”) in Kilo-Watts of all the panels mounted on your roof.

Payback Period or Years To Payoff – The amount of time it takes for the solar system to pay itself off (by consistently reducing your monthly electricity bills) and therefore enjoy free electricity!

Assumptions And Recommendations

* By using the Solar Investment Calculator you agree and understand fully that the outputs from the Solar Investment Calculator are indicative (estimates only) and should not act as a substitute for a consultation with an accredited solar system design/install professional. You further agree and understand that calculated solar system reductions in electric bills will vary month to month due to, but not limited to, changes in your household power use, local weather patterns and the positions of the sun in the sky throughout they year. Assumes use of Solar Shop Hua Hin European standard PV panels, namely Seraphim factory-produced mono Perc half-cell technologies or higher in power with at least same hi-technology. Outputs are based upon assumed average Thailand solar irradiance conditions collected by the Ministry of Energy for decades.

By making simple changes to your household energy-consumption, you can reduce your bills (see our FAQ section for more details). Unless a Feed-In-Tariff has been allocated for your property, we recommend household and business owners to not oversize their solar system so that electricity generated exceeds daily-energy consumption. In other words, you should size your solar system to help reduce your monthly electric bills but not achieve a zero balance (0 Baht) on your bill at the end of any month. Future increases in electricity billing rates, Feed-In-Tariffs and Government Incentives Programs are not accounted for in calculations. Maintenance costs are also not included by design. This is due to the long life-expectancies of Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd. systems (solar inverters over 14 years, European Standard solar PV panels between 25 and 30 years).

* By using the Solar Investment Calculator, or in the case that a Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd staff or agent uses the Solar Investment Calculator to show you estimated outputs for a particular solar system, you agree and understand fully that Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd., shall not in any case be held responsible for special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages or losses due to labour, lost profits, revenues or any other legal theory even if Solar Shop Hua Hin or our agent has been advised of the possibilities of such damages for use of (a) calculated result(s)/output(s) for any personal or business activity(ies), recommendation(s) or conclusion(s).

To finalise your solar system sizing and receive a quote please contact Solar Shop Hua Hin for your free consultation today!