Solar Shop Hua Hin has the skills and experience to complete electrical work varying from small individual jobs on private residences to big or complex commercial projects. Each of our professional electricians are insured, qualifies and registered.

We can come and inspect all project types to give you an appraisal of the condition of a previously installed system and what (if any) updates are needed to bring it in line with current safety standards and specifications.

Safe And Reliable

When it comes to electric shock and potential fire hazards Solar Shop Hua Hin have a zero tolerance to risk. Sometimes, we have to deliver the news that a system is not safe or does not comply to modern safety standards even if it’s not in our best interests of landing a job. If this is the case, we will recommend a re-wire of the system and design it in accordance with your needs. Look out for unscrupulous suppliers that may be more interested in making a quick buck than your safety or long-term satisfaction.

EV (Electric Vehicle) Electrical Services

Solax EV (electric vehicle) charger can now be integrated into the solar system and in the green mode setting favour charging powered by your Solar solar system. We can design and supply EV (electric vehicle) charging stations for your needs. We have some of the best deals and warranties available in Thailand on EV chargers. Our licensed electrical engineer and certified electricians provide peace of mind that your vehicle and electrical supply will not let you down when you need it most.

Fill up your battery during the day and overnight, and enjoy the practical wonder of solar powered electricity. If you have most types of driveway or garage relatively close to an existing power source we should be able to install your EV charging system. We have navigated varied home and commercial electrical systems which equips us to handle even the most challenging of EV charging installs.

Pool Water Heaters

Solar is the perfect way to provide the energy to heat your swimming pool. Even in Hua Hin, Thailand for several months of the year (and at certain times of day/night) outdoor swimming pools can cool down to the point where many people decide not to go for a dip! Our solar heating panels heat your pool in an environmentally friendly way and store the heat gains available from the hottest part of the day directly to the water in your swimming pool. It can be timed to run during the day so the power consumption can be covered by your solar system.

Our team will visit your site to discover the solar resource available and provide you with a full understanding of the efficiencies that will be achieved following installation.