“Clean, Safe, Renewable. Why Not?”

The amount of sunlight energy reaching the Earth’s surface is about 10,000 times humanity’s energy requirements. Only 0.01% of this energy would need to be harnessed to cover the world’s energy needs.

The world market has grown from 0.6MW/year in 1990 to about 10 GW today. About 1000 GW of installed power is expected to be installed by 2030.

Within the past 23 years the costs of grid-connected photovoltaic systems has dropped by about 80 per cent.

South East Asia is one of the best areas in the world for solar energy. Install your solar system today and harness the power of the sun.

With rising energy costs and increasing action required to reduce carbon emissions, Solar Shop Hua Hin makes perfect sense, environmentally and economically. We are Trustworthy, Credible, Straight-Forward and Honest. All of us are long-term residents of Hua Hin and we will be here for many years more to ensure your ongoing success with your solar system. We care deeply about helping you achieve the best success with your solar system. Our company is locally-owned by team of engineers/professionals that have resided and worked in Hua Hin a very, very long time (collectively the better part of a century). We will be in Hua Hin in the long-term to help you with your solar system – we own houses in Hua Hin and have children in school here, for example. Our Mission is to create value for our customers. Solar Shop Hua Hin uses the best and most reliable equipment globally in the design and installation of solar panel systems. Our “All-In-One” solar panel packages include upgrades to highest-quality Euro-Standard equipment. Our custom-made installations are carefully designed to ensure long-life and low-maintenance of your system. Pls. contact us today for your free consultation. We look forward to improving your life, home and business, and collectively, to preserving our children’s future.

You Get What You Pay For! We know our products and will Meet Your Needs. We are able to offer each customer a Customised Solution where others fail. We have spent a lot of time carefully selecting the Best Quality Equipment available globally. We offer Premium Products at Fair & Affordable Prices! We will ensure Long-Term Reliability and back that up with our Warrantees. We will have performed the required engineering calculations to ensure maximum power output of your solar system. In short, we will ensure that your system is not undersized and meets your energy-saving requirements.

We do not substitute components with low-quality or inefficient equipment – lowering the value and lifespan of your system. This will undoubtably lead to increase in system maintenance requirements as soon as.

We do not select poorly-designed charge controllers/battery inverters which will, for example, render your deep cycle solar batteries ineffective in just a year or two.

We will not oversize your system to add profit.

We do not undersize your system to quote at a low price as this will not meet your requirements of effectively reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Follow-up service of installations (system check-ups) will be provided during the first year of ownership. Following the 1 year period, we will be available in Hua Hin to help you with your solar system for years to come.

Warrantees commence upon the date of bill of laden. Manufacturer warrantees, and the conditions noted therein, of the products purchased will be honoured and our staff will help see these warrantees through for a 1 year period following purchase and or installation. Following the 1 year period, we will be available in Hua Hin to help you with your solar system for years to come.

Unless otherwise specified in the contract, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd. installations in Thailand come with a 12 month limited warrantee (for solar system products and the normal operation of the installed system only). During this time Hua Hin Solar will repair or replace any item sold by our team that proves defective in material or workmanship without charge.

For more detailed information on our warrantee please visit the How to Order section of this website.

We will recommend to you the best solar system to bring substantial savings for your house or business electricity bill. However, owners must also be “Eco-Smart” when it comes to managing day-to-day and month-to-month energy consumption. The ability to cover 100% of your monthly electricity bill depends on how much power is consumed on a daily basis. If you limit the use of air conditioners and pool pumps (the 2 biggest energy consumptions in most households) then yes 100% can be achieved. Of course we can upsize the solar kit installations to cover as much of the power consumption as possible. BUT in the end achieving the best results largely depends your participation in control energy use. We recommend and provide such electrician services: Changing lighting to 3W, 5W or 10W LED bulbs and putting timers on your AC’s and your pool pump. If one of your air conditioners breaks and cannot be fixed, per say, then also look at replacing it with a more efficient Inverter air conditioner. There are also Inverter refrigerators on the market with higher energy efficiencies compared to conventional models. You may also choose to install one of our off-grid garden light w/battery backup systems (see Solar Kits) to further reduce your electricity bill. This will provide you with the best start to achieving an energy efficient solar-powered home or business office.

1. Lower—and ultimately eliminate—utility bills

The most immediate effects a business or homeowner will see after purchasing and installing solar are lower utility bills. Once you hit the point where your solar panels have paid for themselves, it’s real savings straight to the bank after that. With utility rates climbing regularly, each year you’ll save more with solar than the year before. However, the long-term advantage of solar energy is energy independence. Once the upfront costs for the system are paid, you no longer need to worry about the availability or price of energy as long as the system is running – you are your own energy provider.

2. Increase the value of your home on the market

Buying a home with solar panels directly translates into lower electricity costs, which can be a benefit if you’re looking to sell your house. Just like homes in preferred school districts or homes with good Home Energy Ratings, solar panels will increase a home’s value on the market. A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money than those without, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that the sales price of the average home increased $17,000 USD with solar panels (about 6,000 Euros or 230,000 Baht/KW installed).

3. Low maintenance and high reliability

Modern solar systems are built to withstand normal and seasonal environmental conditions, and a high-quality system will require little to no maintenance.

These low-maintenance, high-reliability systems mean that all homeowners need to do is sit back and enjoy their solar savings without needing to worry about system failures or weather-related damage, and will ensure your customer’s peace of mind for years to come.

4. Eco-friendliness

This is the most obvious benefit of installing solar panels, but it’s worth mentioning again. While in use, solar panels create absolutely no waste or emissions. Unlike fossil fuel power plants, they produce clean, renewable energy from an energy source that requires no excavation, transportation, or combustion. It’s a simpler, cheaper, cleaner, and all-around better energy solution. And, of course, solar grants energy independence, since sunshine can’t be bought or monopolised and is available everywhere, free of charge, for everyone.