Congratulations on considering installing solar to power your home or business. The solar industry is experiencing exponential growth as more people and businesses understand the benefits that it can provide to financial savings and the environment.

Solar Shop Hua Hin has installed hundreds of solar systems throughout the Hua Hin and wider Prachuap Khiri Khan region for many years. We have one of the strongest supply chains in Thailand – providing ultra competitive prices and unbeatable after-sales. There are three main types of solar systems that we install regularly.

Grid Connected Solar System With Battery Storage

Our hybrid solar system is a very effective and efficient solution meaning power is always available. It combines solar energy with grid-connected energy. Solar energy is stored within battery storage to provide power in the most efficient and cost-saving way.

There is a longer payback period for hybrid systems, as the cost of install and batteries can be higher than a simpler install. However, for efficiency and utilising stored solar energy, it is the favoured choice.

On-Grid System

If you have a PEA street meter it has to be registered with the government. We provide full, beginning to end registration for all of our customers. A grid connected PV system (photovoltaic system) is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the utility grid. No batteries are needed to install an on-grid system, and this can make the system more cost-effective to install. An on-grid system must be registered.

Off Grid System

This has got to be the dream for most people! Solar powered supply without having to be connected up to the existing grid. ‘Living off-grid’ at its finest. If your site is in a very remote area this may be your preferred option. Batteries are needed for storage and install can be more expensive than other types of system but the payback is obviously clear.