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What is an e-Bike and What are the Benefits of Using One?

written by Greg Shaw, Managing Director, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.


Hua Hin Solar has a HSS Hybrid e-Bike listed as a product for sale on it’s website. Let’s start by having a look at it’s features.


The e-Bike listed on https://solarshop-huahin.com/product-category/e-mobility/ has the following description:

Intelligent Hybrid-Powered Folding e-Bike:

Features: Small Size, Big Energy, Intelligent, Real-time control, Brakes safely, Silent but powerful, LED Head-Lamp, 3 color, Fold it in 5 seconds!

By sensing and calculating real-time peddling force, peddling rate, velocity and road condition, this system provides the just-right assists for any cycling condition.

  • Small Size, Big Energy
  • Smart Cycling Computer: Real-time control, display and record data
  • Disc Brakes and Motor-Inhibitor: Operates efficiently and safely
  • Genuine LG Li-Ion Battery: 3.6V 6.6Ah: 3-hour charge, Drive 35-70 Km*
  • Battery Management System
  • Brushless DC Motor: Silent but powerful
  • LED Head-Lamp. Light-up your path in the night
  • 3 color options to suit your style! White color currently in stock!
  • Simple and Intuitive: Fold it in 5 seconds!

* Depending on Assist Level and terrain.


Q: ‘So … Those certainly seem to be awesome features! But what is an e-Bike anyway?’

Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are bicycles with integrated electric motors which are used in propulsion. There are different varieties of e-bikes on the market. Some are called pedelecs (or pedal electric cycles) with only a small electric motor to assist the rider in pedaling. Others are more powerful electric bikes resembling moped-style motorcycles. However, these types of e-bikes are pedaled by riders and are really not motorcycles. E-bikes generally make use of rechargeable batteries. The batteries supply electric power for propelling the bike. The lighter types can reach a speed of up to 25-32 km/hr depending on the laws of the country where they are manufactured and how you program them.


Types of E-bikes

E-bikes are classified according to the control system and the power that their electric motors can deliver. The 2 major types are:

  1. Pedal only/assist e-bikes

These e-bikes are the types in which pedaling is used to regulate and control the electric motor. These e-bikes have electric only sensors to detect the speed of pedaling and the pedaling force or both. They are also fitted with brakes to stop the motor when needed.


  1. Power-on-demand e-bikes

These e-bikes are equipped with throttles to activate the motor. The throttles are handlebars mounted like those found on scooters and motorcycles.


The Bits-and-Bobs of an E-bikes and How They Work

Electric bikes are simple, cheap, convenient and very economical to use. They can easily be charged, used and recharged. Now, let’s take a closer look at how these e-bikes.

The workings of an e-bike is similar to those of ordinary bikes. There are not much differences between both in design. The only major difference is that while an ordinary bicycle is propelled by pedaling, an e-bike makes use of an electric motor to deliver electrical energy for mobility. The e-bike can be moved with or without pedaling. To examine how e-bikes work involves a description of the body parts and their functions.


Battery Bank

The batteries are very important parts of the e-bike. They deliver stored electric power for propelling the bike. The batteries contain the electric power to keep you moving even if you don’t pedal. You can use any suitable battery on an e-bike but remember to use one capable of storing enough power without adding too much weight to the bike. Lightweight lithium ion (or Li-ion) batteries identical to those used in cellular phones, MP3 players and laptop computers are the most popular choice. Before charging, these batteries will give you a drive of about 15 to 70 km depending on the terrain. You are also guaranteed a speed of 15 to 35 miles per hour (depending on programming) on this electric only bikes before recharging. You can even extend the range by freewheeling or pedaling some of the time.


Electric Motor

Most e-bikes have electric motors inbuilt into the rearhub or the front wheel hub. These electric hub motors are anchored in the centre of the bike and linked to the sprocket.



The design of the frame of an electric bike is slightly different from that of a motorcycle or an ordinary bicycle. The main part is usually made of light aluminium alloys. This ensures a longer range of travel before recharging. Also the stronger the spokes on the wheels, the less prone to buckling and bending.


The Benefits of Using an E-bike

Some of the reasons you should consider buying an electric bike today include:


  • e-bikes are electric-powered and rechargeable.
  • The batteries can easily plugged into and or removed for charging.
  • They are more economical to use and maintain.
  • They are more environmental friendly compared to motorcycles and cars.
  • They don’t take up much space. E-bikes can easily be collapsed and folded up and stored.
  • They are more suitable for the elderly and the disabled unlike ordinary bicycles that are very difficult to pedal down and up hills or with heavy loads.
  • Cycling is a form of exercise and helps to burn calories.
  • E-bikes ensure safer travels since it is less prone to accidents unlike cars and motorcycles.


We hope this article helps you better understand what e-Bikes are and what are the benefits of using them. If you are interested in purchasing a solar powered product such as an e-bike pls. visit solarshop-huahin.com


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