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Oversizing Solar Panels : The Smart Move!

written by: Greg Shaw, Solar Energy Consultant and Managing Director, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.


There are many available forms and sources of energy. With developing technology, even more sources are being invented as global energy requirements increase globally over time. Amongst the newer forms of energy is the use of solar panels. These devices absorb sunlight and generate electricity. Solar modules (PV) make up what are referred to as photovoltaic arrays – the power houses of solar energy systems. Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of electricity.

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Q: But wait! Why would anyone oversize the panels arrays mounted on their roof anyway?

Here is what Chalerm Jinatun (Hua Hin Solar’s Senior Engineer who holds a Masters Degree in Solar Energy Engineering) had to say:

“It all boils down to smart solar system design. Oversizing your panels is perfectly acceptable. Panel arrays often do not output their rated power. This is due to 2 facts: A) The sun is not always in the correct position in the sky to provide direct sunlight on the panels; and B) Inefficiencies or system losses (as in all electrical systems) in the panels, wiring and inverter have to be accounted for when designing they systems and doing solar calculations. So oversizing solar panel arrays is seen as a smart move if you wish to achieve a higher power output and efficiency for your solar system.”

In countries with a long history of solar energy use, there remains a general fear of oversizing solar panel arrays. Here are some of the reasons to dispel the fears. Let’s have a look at what the literature says:

  1. Decrease in cost of the energy

When you oversize the photovoltaic array, you raises the price of your solar system by X amount. However the increase in the energy that is produced by putting the additional panels in place offsets the additional cost X in short order. In the medium-run, the additional panels lead to an overall decrease in the expense of the energy system and, in fact, the break-even or “pay-out” period is reduced.

  1. Obtaining maximum value of the daytime energy

In the business world, the certainty of energy production is vital as it contributes to the total cost of operations. When you oversize your PV array, you enable your inverter to reach its power capacity earlier in the day. Upon achieving this, the inverter operates at that set power point until later in the day. The output of your inverter is maximized on a daily basis.

  1. Solar system efficiency

In most cases, solar panels operate at a capacity below their specifications. When there is exposure of the inverter to low energy levels, there is a reduction in the efficiency of its functionality. For undersized systems, even when modules are operating at their peak power output, there can be in turn a massive under-utilization of the inverter(s). In these scenarios, it is more efficient to oversize the inverters for operational benefits.

  1. The energy delivered compared to expectations

In the use of solar panels, not all panel power is convertible to useful alternating current energy. As is the case with all working systems, PV panels are not 100% efficient in producing electrical current when exposed to sunlight. Then there are losses as the current is transmitted from the solar panels to the household loads. For instance, there are power losses, dissipated as heat, within the MC4 cables. And finally there are the losses due to inverter inefficiency. Thus, the energy that is you anticipate from your system is not the same that you ultimately get. Oversizing your panel arrays enables you to curb this.


Energy is critical for the various sectors of a given economy. Solar energy stands out as an environment-friendly source of electricity. One of the ways of ensuring maximum use of the solar panels is by oversizing the photovoltaic arrays. There are many benefits of this oversizing. It facilitates a decrease in the overall cost of energy production. It is a great way of ensuring you obtain maximum benefit from daytime energy. It enables efficient use of the inverters. Due to system losses, oversizing maximizes production of inverter power. Thus, oversizing solar panel arrays is a good way to go for all solar users. It’s the Smart Move!


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