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Hua Hin Home and Business Owners Reap Benefits with Solar Power

written by Greg Shaw, Managing Director, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.


Solar power is converting the energy emitted from the sunlight into electricity. The amount of energy that the sun radiates to the Earth for one hour could easily meet the global energy needs for an entire year. However, humankind has yet to harness more than 0.001% of the available energy from the sun on an annual basis.


Q: Knowing the solar facts, why would someone want to add a solar system to their home or business?

Let’s review some of the benefits of solar energy:


Lower electricity bills:

One of the biggest benefits of solar power is the savings one can make on your utility bills. Properly-sized solar systems dramatically reduce electricity bills. Once the upfront costs of installing the solar panel systems are met, one will witness an immediate downfall in the utility costs.

“Putting our money where our mouth is, our little family has a solar system operating in our home in Hua Hin. What we like about it is that every morning, at sunrise, it turns itself on and starts generating electricity. we can monitor and display graphs of the power output on my iPhone – anytime, anywhere. It took Chalerm (Senior Engineer, Hua Hin Solar) and his team 1.5 days to install the system. Adding the system to our home was easy and hassle-free. And our electricity bill fell by the amount we predicted it would.”

Let’s face it! Electricity bills can be highly unpredictable. By going solar, the costs become more predictable and thus help in expense forecasting.


Increase the value of your home or business:

Many studies have already proved that the homes which accommodate solar panel systems demand higher prices than the other similar houses in that area. Simply put, these homes are perceived to be of higher value. The researchers also note that if you show a row of similar houses to a buyer, people are immediately drawn toward the home(s) with roof-mounted solar panels. The studies concluded that homes with solar panels sell as much as 20% faster than the other houses and can add as much as 17% profit for the owner on the sale. So, solar systems are seen as one of the best investments in the property business. They increase the attractiveness and value of homes on the market. Just a small investment in solar panels increases the demand for your property or development.

Chalerm our Senior Engineer notes, “What should also be noted is that roof- or ground-mounted solar panels provide a “Green Identity” for your home or place of business. People are attracted to living in “Green communities.” And this goes for businesses as well. Customers choose eco-friendly businesses and perceive these businesses as being of greater value.”

Rental home, vacation resort, development and even restaurant owners should pay heed to this. Foreigners – of all backgrounds and the agencies that represent them – actively seek out and choose eco-friendly places for vacation-stays, rentals and ownership. Adding a solar system (small or large) to your home or business can be a real boost for your customer base and income. Moreover, Hua Hin Solar can install panel arrays that blend seamlessly with your roof. Different colours of solar cells and the solar panel frames are available on the market. The panels include “Anti-Reflective Coating” which causes most incident light to be absorbed by the panels and not reflected – making the arrays even more visually pleasing.


Low maintenance:

Solar power systems do not  require a lot of maintenance. The only job of the owner is to keep them relatively clean. So cleaning them twice or thrice a year will be more than enough. However, if your panels are sloped even moderately they will self-clean when it rains. Genuine solar panel manufacturers provide long-term performance warranties of between 25 and 30 years – at least the panels that Hua Hin Solar sells do. As there are no moving parts in the system, one can expect very low “wear and tear.” With fewer or no repairs, the maintenance cost of these systems is expected to be very low. After covering the initial costs, one can expect minimal amounts on repair or maintenance works.


High reliability:

Modern solar panel systems are built with the capability to tolerate various kinds of environmental and seasonal changes / events such as storms. Because of the high-quality solar power systems, the homeowners can just sit back, relax and not have to worry about system failures or damages due to weather. The Hua Hin Solar team are also experts at modifying solar panel roof mountings for added strength / attachment to roofs. This may be required in areas where high winds are experienced. Solar system owners can expect low repair or replacement costs as solar panels are highly durable and reliable.



One main reason behind home owners or businesses going solar is to minimize the environmental issues. Solar panels create no wastage or emissions. Solar systems produce clean, renewable energy. They are simple, cheaper, and better energy sources. Solar panels help in lowering the carbon footprint by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

Europeans, in particular, living in Hua Hin and in Thailand have shown a great interest in lowering their carbon footprint. On- and off-grid and battery backup solar systems are a great way to accomplish this.


Passive cooling of your home

Solar panels absorb as much as 96% of solar radiation that is incident upon them. The rest is radiated as heat or reflected. That means that the heat of the sun beneath solar panels is not conducted into your roof. This “passive cooling” effect will reduce your electricity bills.


No blackouts:

If there is a solar battery system as well as the solar PV system, there will never be blackouts and the power will run seamlessly. If the area is prone to frequent power cuts, solar power from battery backup is the best option for them. The bank of solar batteries is charged daily by the solar panels. As solar systems are powered by the sun, these systems will be the best pick for people living in remote locations where the power lines are not accessible or expensive.


Off-Grid Power Systems:

Off-grid power is generated using notably sophisticated and efficient technology. When the utility power is unavailable or costly, with the solar panels in the home and battery backup, one can be their own energy creators. The solar panels are quiet especially compared to the annoying noise made by gas generators. To ensure continuous electricity access, the off grid solar systems require battery storage and a backup generator. As modern generators are made to run more quietly these days these items are viable additions even in the most discerning developments.


Closing Summary

As the existing non-renewable energy resources are set to decline over the years, it is time to choose renewable sources of energy like solar power. Solar panels are one of the most secure investments. Rate of return on investment (with payouts typically less than 7 years) is excellent. Solar energy is profitable for owners, provides a “Green Identity”, and is also environmentally-friendly. With the countless number of benefits solar power provides, going solar is a best choice for home and business owners.


Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd., is Hua Hin’s largest and most dependable solar energy company. We provide exceptional products and services at affordable prices and we offer long-term customer care. Our Team is committed to using green solar and wind energy to help our retail customers and residential/business partners make the necessary transition towards energy independence. “We design and install affordable solar systems with the highest yields. For your free consultation contact us today at huahinsolar@gmail.com. If you have anything less than a great experience with Hua Hin Solar please call my cell.” Greg, Managing Director, +66(0)89 824 1963.