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General Advisory 1 of 3: Fixing other installer company solar systems in the Hua Hin area

General Advisory 1 of 3

We have been receiving quite a few emails from local residents to help them to fix their solar systems – which are not working properly or even not at all. For example. This week we successfully repaired and commissioned (in 9 hours) another installer’s hybrid system that even had potential fire hazard issues*. The European home owner, at a luxury development near Black Mountain GCC, went through 2 solar companies operating in Hua Hin before us and figures he is “out-of-pocket” over 111,000 Baht in addition to an unknown financial loss due to reduced drops in his electric bills. We have more examples to include here, and in most every instance the solar system owner has taken a substantial “out-of-pocket” loss.

If you contact us we will certainly do our best to help with your system. Just know, that it can be a challenge to sort out another installer’s mistakes, negligence and or mis-represented sales on components, equipment, warrantees and services.

If when quoted and even if the offered system seems “too good to be true” to avoid losing a lot of money and time and becoming frustrated pls. contract us before you sign a contract for installation.

We are honest about our offerings (no hidden costs) and are very competent in our work/have proper knowledge on how to install and our follow up care. Especially when it comes to home safety and prevention of water-leaking of your roof following installation. We of course take care of our customers honoring service guarantee / warrantee promises and even charge small-small to come help following the guarantee periods.

Sincerely, Greg and Aom (Managing Directors).

* Case Report

On February 1 we were asked to go to the luxury development near Black Mountain GCC in reply to an European customer’s email request which read: “I need to check my system SOLAX X3 with 3 batteries triple power.” Our engineer Charlerm “Ooh” (Masters in Electrical Engineer and teaches at the Technical University south of Hua Hin) went to look over the system. The owner explained that he had been through 2 local solar companies and the system was still was not working. It took the first group 1 year to supply batteries and they provided the wrong battery setup (incorrect voltage supply). The owner said he had to involve the government to get the solar company to refund the solar batteries. But didn’t get full cost back and lost 58,000 Baht out of the deal. The latest solar group had just sold the European family 3 lithium batteries. Their invoice noted charge for full installation. The owner noted that the batteries would not charge and the solar panel power output was poor. He showed a sheet on which he had penciled the steady loss of power in the batteries down to 33% over a 3 day period.

The solar system was assessed by our electrical engineer and discussed with full transparency with the home owner. The following was found:

– Set of breakers were by-passed (not used to protect the inverter)
– Set of breakers had burned (he showed the owner the burnt electric equipment)
– The PV cables from the panels were cross-electrically (put into the solar inverter backwards most likely causing burning of electric works)
– The inverter was not programmed properly, the country electrical safety settings of the inverter was not set properly
– The equipment and wiring to select loads (customer wanted to backup everything in his master bedroom incl. inverter air con and all plug-in outlets, his water pump and his kitchen refrigerator, WiFi) was not installed
– And of course there were other smaller electrical repairs/modifications that needed to be done.

Look we are not being dramatic but let’s understand clearly. Bad electric works and especially when mixed in with Lithium batteries can make for a home fire safety hazard. BUT we also emphasis. Done properly the systems last for 15-20 years without issues. The owner showed that the overall price for the non-functioning solar system with 3 Triple Power batteries had cost him (following the contracts) over 25% more than Solar Shop Hua Hin’s standard pricing for the same solar system (including professionally installed – up and running normally with loads selected for “black out” power coverage) with 4 Triple Power batteries. Overall the gentleman was “out-of-pocket” over 111,000 Baht because of incompetence. Not to forget the unknown (but certainly large) loss in money from less than expected energy savings (drop in electric bills) over the 1.5 years of ownership. No “unconditional warrantee” on works performed on the battery installation was given.

A few days later our team was hired (at extra “out of pocket” cost to the owner) to repair and setup the solar system and electric works and ensure that all was in good working order and also set up in terms of home safety. The job was completed in 9 hours. Delivery of power to all the master bedroom loads incl. inverter air con and all plug-in outlets, WiFi router, his water pump and his kitchen refrigerator was proven successful after shutting down power to the house – simulating a “black out.”

As part of the deal, we were asked to change all router and solar system usernames/passwords so the system could protect his system from outside access. After monitoring the system remotely we are pleased with the results (based on our monitoring on the solar system APP on our smart phones). The home owner had this to say 2 weeks later.

“Dear Greg,

We are back to Hua Hin.
The system look running well, it produce 43 to 48 kw per day.
Battery charge appear normal.


Two months later Bernard asked us to replace one broken panel and clean the rest of the solar panels on his flat cement roof. This was done without issues. Bernard then donated the broken panel to the University where Chalerm (our company’s electrical engineer) teaches – as Bernard believes in recycling items as best as possible. Four Months later Bernard asked us to add another Triple Power battery and 6 more panels to his system. It was our pleasure to upgrade and keep his system running normally.