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General Advisory 2 of 3: Knock-Off Panels? Seriously?

General Advisory 2 of 3: Knock-Off Panels? Seriously?
Solar Shop is the factory authorized dealer for Solax, GoodWe, AlphaESS inverters as well as Seraphim and Longi solar panels for Thailand (to name a few of our products). We carry the warranties for our equipment. As there seems to be some misunderstandings about how to install and or use our equipment we will be giving regular advise to our potential customers on fb. Happy to hear from solar owners who have been lead down the wrong path with their installs.
Lesson #1: The maximum panels that can be installed with our 1 phase Solax 5.0 Boost and 3 phase Solax X3 5T inverters is 16 panels. 32 panels max for the Solax X3 10T inverter. Install more and risk over voltage, over heating the inverter and shortening the lifespan of the inverter.
Lesson #2: If you do not purchase our factory authorized products through our company we cannot guarantee warranty coverage. We have discovered – with factory verification – fake “Seraphim” panels (both in a warehouse and on a customer roofs) that were / are actually low grade “knock offs,” rebranded from another panel with fake sticker labels placed on the backs of the panels. As we have the legal right to protect our equipment supply. We will be taking appropriate steps to correct this situation. If you have a model of Seraphim panels on your roof Not Listed Here contact us for you free system checkup and assessment of warranty coverage of your installed equipment. Here is our complete supply of Seraphim panels that have our warranty coverage:
Seraphim 345W Eclipse
Seraphim 340W and 380W mono
Seraphim 400W, 440W, 540W and 600W half-cut “Blade” panels.
We will be happy to come to your home to verify the validity of Seraphim panels to give solar system customers piece of mind.
Lesson #3: An install group who has been described by customers as not having much luck installing on-grid battery backup systems has been saying lithium batteries are on their way out. Actually, once again. Not true. The “Silicon Valleys” of the world are in full gear producing lithium battery technologies for solar batteries and EV automobiles. Both industries in fact have been acting hand-in-hand and exchanging information and technologies. Our lithium batteries are pretty amazing – compared to the old days. 5-10 year warranties and expected lifespans of (up to) over 20 years with daily power cycling (discharging and charging). Lithium batteries in your home much like your new EV car with its lithium batteries.
Stay tuned for our next educational lessons.
Oh. And a final power savings tip: In addition to adding a solar system to your hole change out your old standard Air Cons with inverter type AC’s. Inverter type AC’s tend to be much lower in power consumption, run silent and are more efficient at maintaining room temperature. We have heard no claims that the lifespans of inverter-type air conditioners are less than the old-style standard types.
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