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Efficiency of Solar Systems Designed for Flat Roofs: What You Need to Know!

written by Greg Shaw, Solar Energy Consultant and Managing Director, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.

Good afternoon!

There has been talk about the “efficiency” of solar systems and what makes one solar system design better than another. Globally, most panels arrays are mounted so as to follow the slope of the roof. We were recently asked if panels be sloped (not laid flat) on a flat roof top made of cement? Our recommendation? If your flat-top roof is of sufficient size the answer is YES.

Of course, if you make the special request to have your panels lay flat on your flat roof top so they cannot be seen we can certainly do so for you. Just ask and it will be done. But do consider the following:

The panels should be sloped more than 10 degrees and if possible face southward. This is important because the sun remains in the southern sky in Thailand most of the year. Your system will produce greater output on average for the entire year with the panels sloped more than 10 degrees southward. Just a caveat. If the panels cannot be sloped southward, east and west also work well. Remember the old saying, “South good! East, West ok! North bad!”

Panels collect dust and grim when they lay flat. Properly-sloped panels self-clean themselves when it rains. So ask your installer to slope them properly.

You should also know that it costs installers more money to slope tiles – as more labour and fewer & less-expensive roof-mounting equipment is required than mounting the panels flat. So there is a ‘pricing-profit give-and-take’ to suggest mounting them sloped vs. laying them flat.

There are some final caveats to take in when considering sloping panels on your flat roof. Your roof has to be large enough to space out the sloped panels so that the leading panels located southward do not cast shadows on the panels located behind them – reducing the solar system overall efficiency. That is where our experience as solar consultants/engineers comes into play. You always need a proper solar system design and that is our specialty.

We hope this helps!

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