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Even More Q’s and A’s for Choosing Solar Systems in Thailand

written by Greg Shaw, Solar Energy Consultant & Managing Director, Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd.

We have been asked by many of our customers to continue our series on the Q’s and A’s regarding solar installations at your home. Here we address some important issues that you should bear in mind when looking for your solar installation company. We have paraphrased (not directly quoted) email chains here to keep the article current and relevant. Enjoy!

Q? Why would you choose an engineering team to do a solar system installation?

Our company has the mandate to make solar systems affordable without sacrificing exceptional quality and service. With respect to the later we only operate in the Hua Hin, Cha am and Pranburi area making us very responsive in regards to our follow up service. Our team of engineers regularly produce unique designs (works of art and engineering) that meet the requirements of the owner(s). We do spend a lot of time advising people in the Hua Hin area on what is the best system for them – and in certain cases advise people what to avoid. The partners of Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd., are engineers with exceptional and diverse experience (please also see our Bios at solarshop-huahin.com/about-us/) and we always do our best to be transparent and honest.

Q? I read some article that it is now possible to deliver electricity back to the net in Thailand, is that true?

A: New legislation in regards to feed-in-tariffs has been enacted into law. As you’ll know the last time licences were mainly given to a few people within elitist social circles. Hopefully this time around it is fair and we can all apply for the licences. We will update you as we find out more info in this regards.

Q? What will be the materials used for the installation (i.e. cabling)?

A: About wiring and accessories. Charlerm (Ooh) my partner sources the best materials available at competitive pricing. Wiring will be standard. The roof mountings exceptional. Know it is very easy to substitute these items with “cheap Chinese junk” and pass them off. It all comes down to if you trust the installer manager. My partner is quit Western in his approach and worries about quality and safety. He is also very experienced. You will have to trust that you are in good hands. Know we have ran into a number of examples where other groups have not practiced what they preached and customers have been left asking questions about the quality and safety of electrical and accessory works installed. Recently for instance we bought roof mounting hooks from a local supplier. Chalerm could break them in half with his bare hands. These roof mountings are supposed to secure solar panels even in the strongest wind storms. Obviously Chalerm must be discerning when choosing materials and wiring.

Thank you for saying … I fully appreciate your professionalism and I believe (and value) the quality you will deliver. Makes me smile :0)

Q: Will my roof leak if I have solar panels installed at my home?

A: The answer is ‘No’ if you have an experienced and trustworthy installation team. You may have heard the story of the solar company team installing in the Hua Hin area which broke roof tiles (leading to roof leaking) as well as ceiling gypsum board and then refused to accept responsibility, replace/repair or pay for the damage. This is why it’s important that you select an installation company that you can trust. The installation team needs to be careful while working on and under your roof. The solar company needs to be honest. Did they leave your house in the exact state/condition as before the job? Will they let you know about it if it occurs. Incidentally the solar company has been banned from working at the development permanently.

Q: Can the Hua Hin Solar team be trusted to install at our home while we are away?

A: Here is a copy of one of our recent Facebook/Hua Hin Solar postings which we are particularly proud to post:

“Another 5KW solar system installed. The European family is happy. Three things you can learn from this installation. 1. Our company is also in the business of constructing and restoring roofs and performs electrical works so your roof, electricals, ceilings, etc, will be left exactly as we found it before the job. 2. The owners were also away at work during the installation. Our team was trusted (without an issue) to work at the house without owner supervision. As usual the house was left exactly as it was found. 3. Look at how neat and tidy the installation of the electrical control panels, wiring and solar inverter is (third picture). Reflects on the experience, care and dedication of our team of professionals and shows that the team takes pride in their work. Job well done! :0)”

Q? ‘Hi gregory, Thanks for quotation how do you guarantee the holes through the roof to secure the panel from any water leaks during 10 years or more technically?

A: Hi, Please see attached pictures (copyright care of Nattypicturesphotography) of an installation at another development. The mounting gear seats directly under the tiles. The tile immediately above each “hook” is only lifted millimeters to accommodate this. So there are no holes created in your roof during installation. The roof tiles will not noticeably change in profile and water will run off of them in a normal manner.
I hope this explanation helps. Kind Regards, Greg.’

For further explanation pls. see our video on Hua Hin Solar’s web homepage: solarshop-huahin.com :0)

Q: ‘Hi, One more Q quid in case of typhoon? If the panels get damaged ? Guaranty or insurance? Thx’

A: Thank you for your email with your question.
Sorry but there is no coverage in the 10 or 12 year manufacturer warrantee (length of warrantee depends on panel manufacturer) and also there is no coverage in the Hua Hin Solar Co., Ltd. limited warrantee on the solar system, if there is damage caused by a typhoon. However, typhoons hitting Thailand typically happen in the NE (inland of Vietnam) and in the south of Thailand closer to Malaysia. As far as we know Hua Hin has not encountered typhoons – at least not in recent history. Thailand has encountered – rain storms and flooding – which are the aftermath of typhoons. Sorry also, we do not offer insurance as our suppliers also do not offer this to us. Pls. ask Jeff about approaching a private insurance company if you would like to pursue this.

FYI: To quote the solar panel supplier/manufacturer warrantee:

“Further exclusions of the limited warranties include defects:

Caused by force of nature, […] for instance, earthquake, typhoon, whirlwind, volcanic eruption, flood, lightening, snow damage, etc.”

To quote our 1 year guarantee on the solar system and our work:

“Our warrantees for our products and solar energy systems are limited and do not cover Force majeure (storm damage, lightning strike, fire, thunderstorm, flooding etc.), ….

Kind Regards, Greg.

Q: How do you protect the system from Lightening storm ??? I was living in South West of France where our electrical was fully protection from Lightening by a derivation system to the ground can you do this please?

A: Good morning,

My partner who has a Masters in Electrical Engineering explains:
Each system has: Dc current from solar panels and Ac surge from utility grid protection with circuit breakers.
We also connect grounding for the inverter and surge protection (DC, AC) to main ground of the house.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards, Greg.

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