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“Hi Greg, Thank you for coming over and giving me an induction to the system. We are very impressed with the professional installation. Thank you”
Marc (and Katja) from Germany, 10KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“1rst class work, finish on time, and very good service. I can warmly recommend this company.”
 Finn from Denmark, 5.4KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“ดิฉันได้ติดตั้งระบบ โซล่าเซลล์ ประมาณ สามเดือนแล้ว ค่าไฟฟ้าลดลงประมาณ 70% จากค่าไฟฟ้าเดิม คุณอ้อม และ คุณเกรก ได้ให้คำแนะนำอย่างดี เนื่องจากบ้านของดิฉันเป็นบ้านสองชั้นการติดตั้งจึงไม่ง่ายเหมือนบางบ้าน แต่ ทีมงานก็ได้ทำงานอย่างมืออาชีพมาก ๆ ค่ะ ทุกอย่างเป็นไปอย่างเรียบร้อยและรวดเร็ว การลงทุนครั้งนี้คุ้มค่ามากค่ะ ขอบคุณมากค่ะ คุณเล็ก จากหัวหิน”
K. Lek from Thailand, 5.3KW “Tier 1” On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“So thank you Greg for your good after sales service, it’s refreshing.”
Lindsay from Australia, 6KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter and Rooftop Solar Extraction Fans.

“Thanks to Greg and his team for truly profession installation service and after sales assistance. Totally recommend Solar Shop Hua Hin if your thinking of converting PV power. ?”
Rob from England, 6.4KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“I rented a home in Hua Hin and had difficulties operating the Solar Panel System, which was installed [years before] by SOLAR SHOP HUA HIN. I contacted Greg the owner of the Shop and asked him a thousand questions, because I never had a solar system before and I didn’t had a clue about the readings etc. of the solar inverter.
GREG is very experienced Specialist in this Field. He answered all my questions patiently and in simple words so that it was easy for me to understand and of course to follow his instructions to check the system just by chatting on FB Messenger with him.

I call this a 5* plus Customer Service ? Paul from the UK. Solax 5KW Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter

“Solar Shop Hua Hin installed a hi-tech battery backup solar system at my home. The system looks and works great! The team was competent, tidy, and professional. Now I can power many items in my home with solar, even during black outs. The best part is that K. Greg and K. Ooh [Chalerm] we’re able to explain how to use the system in a simple and easy way to understand.

Thanks to all of you guys. I will recommend you for sure and hope to see you soon again. In the meantime, I wish you a great and successful 2020, best regards!”
Ernesto from Switzerland. Solax 10KW Hybrid Solar System with “Tier 1” Hyundai Energy panels and 26KWh Triple Power lithium ion battery bank, Solar Shop Hua Hin custom-built battery racks and Zero Export Meter.

“Solarshop installed  a 9.2 kwh system on our roof which has performed very well now for more than two years. They were very professional and got the whole installation done in less than a day. We had some problem with a wifi dongle which they promptly sorted out and replaced.”
John from USA. Solax 10KW with 9KW “Tier 1” panels and Zero Export Meter.

“I have used this company two times. Always good service and very reliable.”
Mikael from Sweden. FoxESS 6KW Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter. Pool water heating system – powered by solar.

“Your team very skilled and polite. Interesting to see their “teamwork” Happy we could provide with lunch as a small gesture of thankfulness ?–.

Carl from Sweden. 10KW Solar System with 6KW “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

“Hi greg. Very good job, well done, good and friendli team, like everytime. Thank you.

Klaus from Switzerland. 3KW On-Grid Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter. Extra Service Care: Move PV cable installation to allow new construction at property. “We just had a 3.1kw system installed by the professionals at Solar Shop Hua Hin, and we couldn’t be more happy with the service. Greg and his team made everything easy, from explaining pros and cons of the different types of systems available, to explaining the technical details to our property management company and home owners association. Our installation took one day to set up, then downloaded an easy-to-use application to our phone for monitoring our system and we were up and running. Thanks again to Greg and his knowledgeable crew!”

K. Jana Jumping Jack from Thailand and K. Alex from America. FoxESS 3KW Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

“We contacted Solar Shop Hua Hin last year following a neighbour’s recommendation. Greg Shaw came for a site inspection and quote almost immediately and after we agreed, the panels were installed a few days later. The entire installation took only a few hours and the panels have been working ever since without any problems.
A couple of times I had a question in regards to the settings and Greg answered immediately, even at a late hour with the time difference from Europe. Very impressive after sales service. We are very happy with the installation, just as the neighbour is who recommended Solar Solutions. We would do the same without hesitation.”
Rolf and Pranee from France. Solax 5KW Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

“We will really recommend Greg Shaw and his team for great service and treatment when we install solar cell at our house.”
K. Wiriya from Thailand and K. Tomas from Sweden. Solax 5KW Hybrid Solar System with “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

“We asked you to repair our inverter and you met our expectations with professionalism and efficiency.
We would like to thank you for the service you provided and your responsiveness.
If all solar installers had your professionalism, it would be a real pleasure, unfortunately this is very rarely the case.
Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, so we can only recommend you warmly.”
Ben from Holland. AlphaESS 3KW Off-Grid Solar System. Replaced mother board.

“Hi Greg. The solar is very fine. We had a power outage today and computers, lights, pumps etc worked all the time, so perfect. I’m very happy with [K. Ooh] service.”
Peter from Holland. Solax 10KW Hybrid Solar System with Triple Power battery backup, “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

“Good evening Greg hope you are good as well as your family. I would like to commend your electrician team they did an excellent work at my house today… Lots of details are solved now we are moving in the right direction to have a nice house at the end… If somebody in the compound is looking for a good electrician I will undoubtedly direct them to you. Have a nice evening.”
Philippe from France. FoxESS 6KW, “Tier 1” Seraphim panels and Zero Export Meter.

I needed a set of replacement batteries in a hurry, and the Hua Hin Solar team delivered – eight Newmax 200Ah gel batteries up and running! Thanks for the quick work.”
 Tony from Australia @ Kho Samui, 1.7kW off grid solar system.

“Solar Shop did a good job. Your team all very nice. The 1st time in 8 years I can’t find anything wrong with a job. Amazing!”
Ludwig from Germany/Canada, 5.2KW Hybrid Lithium Battery Backup Solar System with Pylontech Plus lithium ion battery backup and Zero Energy Export Meter. Solar Shop Hua Hin Garden Veranda custom built.

“Greg and team were recommended by a neighbour at my development who spoke very highly of his system performance. After conducting my own research I decided to reach out to Greg to discuss a similar installation. Having analyzed previous electricity bills we decided on a 16 panel 5.4 KW On Grid Solution with 5.0 KW Inverter and Zero Energy Export Meter.
The installation was conducted by a very professional team and the system was online within 6 hours. Its performance since installation has been excellent. My electricity bill had been reduced by 88% and I would expect a return on my investment in under 5 years.”
Paul, Expat living in Hua Hin. ‘Tier 1’ 5.4KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“We installed a solar system with Hua Hin Solar at our house, which saves us now an average of 75% from our previous electric bill. Very fast and efficient installation. I am very satisfied with the results and glad having done it. Thanks!”

Peter (Executive Chef) from Germany, 3.6KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hi Greg, the installation was quick and very professional. The performance is excellent. Solar Shop Hua Hin is a good decision.”
Werner and Cornelia from Germany. ‘Tier 1’ 5.1KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Dear Solar Shop team, thank you very much for the good job you did on my house. I was impressed by the efficient and professional installation within 1 day. By 4pm I was already producing power. Great. The system works impeccable. Greg is always available for any question arising about the system. It’s a pleasure.”
Christoph from Switzerland, 5.2KW “Tier 1” On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hi Greg, at this time we are using the Solar System you installed in our home. The Solar System is working very well and saves for us a lot money from about 5000- 7000 Bath monthly till now around 2000 Bath. As you know at that time it was very hot every day and night, so we used constantly the air con system. Yesterday we have some trouble with the 3BB router Wifi and your engineer [Chalerm] came to re-connect the solar system Wifi. Around you there is a good team with people who know how to do their job very well.”
Juliaan from Belgium and Arunee from Thailand, 5.1KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Greg is a great guy and to be honest I now consider him as a friend. I had looked at several options for a solar system and to tell the truth the majority were totally a hard sell.
Greg had a much better approach and listened carefully to what it was that I wanted in a Solar system. He was able to use the space I had available on my roof to both meet and exceed my expectations. His partner is Thai and an electronic genius, very knowledgable and computing.”
Nick from England, Orchid Palm Homes development, 6.0KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“He did a fabulous job by himself it was a very long day for him didn’t leave till 6 he must have been exhausted!”
Belinda from U.S.A. After sales service adding bird protection to rooftop solar panels.

“I was in Sam Roi Yod last week and saw Rocco. He is really pleased with the system you installed for him, saying that it works very well. He said your crew were great, arriving on time or usually early, always cleaned up after themselves and did nice work.”
Robin from Canada about Rocco from Germany, 5KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hi Greg & team,
I have installed a 8kw tier 1 solar-system for almost a month now and would like to thank you and your professional team for the fast and easy installation on my home.
All went flawlessly from A-Z, the installation was done in around 6-8hrs in a professional way, the system works brilliant and is generating all the electricity we need, even those days in rain season are quite good and we are very satisfied !!!
I can recommend your company to anyone who’s looking for a good solar solution !!!
Thanks once more again and hoping for ??? days !!!
Ritter from Denmark, 8.0KW “Tier 1” On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter. Added service of repairing the roof.

“Hi Greg, just had the first Grid loss from 14:20 until 15:00 today. A good opportunity to see how the Solax works under EPS [Emergency Power Supply mode]. And good news: It behaves as expected!! As the sun was still shining all EPS loads were fed from the panels. So it works as I expected! You can also tell Ooh [Chalerm] about this! Thanks.”
Heinz from Switzerland, Solax Hybrid X3 HV 5T, Pylontech Plus Lithium ion Batteries, 5.5KW Euro Standard Mono Panels with Zero Energy Export Meter. Piggy Back (in parallel) with 5KW 3-Phase On-Grid System Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter. Installation of 3 phase protection including over and under voltage to stabilise utility power supply.

“Very fast, efficient and professional from the quote to the installation. We would recommend this company to anyone. Happy Songkran.”
Olivier from France. Installation for Factory with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hallo ich bin Reto aus der Schweiz und wohne seit 5 Jahren mit meiner Frau in Thailand. Habe bei Greg eine 3.3 KWS Ongrid Anlage geordert. Es verging keine Woche von der Bestellung bis zur fertigen Installation. Da sieht man, dass ein professionelles Team dahinter steht. In einem Tag war Alles erledigt und läuft perfekt. Vielen Dank allen Beteiligten ?”
Reto from Switzerland. 3.3KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“I installed solar panels on my home Dec. 1, 2018. The system is working just the way Greg said it would. The team of construction workers and electricians were professional, efficient, clean and orderly.  They began work at 8:30 in the morning and were done at 6:30 the same day. I feel I am part of the solution in the 21st century. I hope everyone chooses to use solar panels and I highly recommend Greg and Hua Hin Solar Co.  Greg and his team are easy to talk to, very knowledgable and happy to answer questions before and after the system is set up. As he says on his website, they are locally operated, easy to contact and they respond to questions or concerns immediately.”
John from America (living in Thailand 15 years), ‘Tier 1’ 5KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter. Electrical works including installation of roof exhaust-cooling fans controlled by timer to reduce the temperature of the attic and home.

“I am very pleased with the roof work that was done by Khun Noi (my roof looks the nicest in Palm Hills) as well as Khun Ooh’s [Chalerm’s] off grid solar light system around the house…and looking forward to have some more solar lights around the pool as soon as I come back… Thank you and best regards.
Irma from Belgium and Kim from Denmark, Off-Grid DC and AC Solar Lighting System (over 110 lights), Battery Backup for House Water Pump, Complete Roof Replacement, Certified Electrician Home “Health Check-Up” and Works.

“Thank you for the advice in getting me the best solar system in town at a reasonable price. The installation team did a very good job in having the system up and running within 1 day. They are very professional and friendly and they left the house all neat and clean.”
Jan from Holland, 6KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hi Greg The solar system is working great, no interruption or any other failures so far. Power production each month is about 650kWh, which is just what I am using each month. Due to construction dust near my house I washed the panels already twice. Efficiency improved nearly about 10%. Walter [my neighbour] visited me last week and I told him about the good results and the very fast order process and quick and professional installation. I am totally satisfied and would do it again.”
Martin from Switzerland, 4.8KW Seraphim “Tier 1” On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“I wanted to post my support for [Solarshop Hua Hin/Hua Hin Solar Co.] which is very serious in the work it offers. It is really a pleasure not to feel the need to control each step of the service being offered, which always seems to be the case with contractors in Thailand. Already having panels installed in France, I can confirm the professionalism of this company.”
Daniel from France, 5.5KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Everything went smoothly with no snags, very nice people and at the end of the day it works! What more could you wish for? Have had solar installed in UK and it’s not as good an installation that you did!”
Dennis and Theresa from England, 10.5KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Hi Greg. Have had it up and running for around 60 days and we produced 1000KWh of electricity. Am very happy about it. Thx for the good cooperation.”
Roland from Australia, Boutique Beachside Resort, “Do-It-Yourself” 4.5KW Off-Grid System with 10KWh Lithium ion Battery Bank.

Happy Songkran Greg and your family. Our solar system works and the app shows us exactly what happens… Of Course we write a few words about the work of Solarshop Hua Hin: We have recommended Solarshop Hua Hin from a friend who has been living in Hua Hin for some time. Already the first Contact by e-mail was very professional and totally transparent. At the first inspection, we met Greg Shaw personally. The advice and help for the selection was impressive and as much as it made it easy for us to make a choice. The installation of the panels was carried out cleanly and correctly, so that we already had a short time later solar power. The service, the advice and price / performance convinced us very much! We can only recommend the company Solarshop Hua Hin.
Urs and Heidi from Switzerland, 4.0KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“We used Hua Hin Solar to install a 5KW system on our roof. Greg was professional with his approach and the installation was undertaken smartly, especially with the tidiness of the panels on our roof. The system has now been up and running for 5 and a half months and we are producing on average about 450KWH of electricity per month saving us around THB2,500 off our monthly electricity bill which we are very pleased with.” [Posted July 24, 2018, during the monsoon season. Note from Solar Shop Hua Hin: We are pleased with the performance of Andrew’s system. Solar System Outputs and electricity bill savings will be expected to significantly rise in the coming months as the weather clears and the sun moves from the northern summer sky (7 degrees north maximum) to directly overhead and then down across the southern sky as it always does during Hua Hin’s fabulous dry winter season. Andrew’s solar panels are optimally designed with a slope of 10-20 degrees due south].
Andrew from England, 5KW On-Grid Solar System (split sloped and flat roof) with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“I knew Greg from golf society. I had feeling that he is a guy who keeps his promises. My feeling was correct. Installation team and Engineer [Chalerm] were great. Everything has been working like a charm from start until it started to produce electricity. Greg really makes worry free and quality installations.”
Jarkko from Finland, 5KW On-Grid Solar System (flat roof) with Zero Energy Export Meter.

Regarding delivery of incorrect item. “Received the funds transferred back into my bank so all ok. I am impressed with the lead time of getting orders placed and received with your company, and also the fact that you use a company bank account for transactions, not a personal one. And in quick reply and refund due to the 1 problem that was had. Look forward to talking with you again next year.”
Best Regards, Larry from Northern Thailand.

“Thanks a lot for the recommendation of the Kolsat Nano GEL 12V (100Ah). I receive the batteries very fast, and they are working perfect. The price is also very competitive! And your service and communication efficient.”
Best Regards, Paul from Northern Thailand.

“Hi Greg, Yes, battery all collected, staff were great thanks.  Rest assured I’ll be passing the contact details of you guys to anyone I know who wants to get involved with solar in some way as it’s way more convenient than having to go to Bangkok!”
Mark from the UK.

“Hi Greg, your delivery was fast fast and all is correct. Thank you!”
Martin from Germany. Solar Install for Development Office.

“I was interested in putting Solar at my villa mainly to deal with the demands of the pool pump and air conditioners but didn’t really know anything about it! I searched online and  Solar Shop Hua Hin seemed to have good reviews so I called Greg. Well the reviews weren’t wrong. Greg came to see me, reviewed the options, explained everything to me in words of one syllable and gave me a very competitive quote. Within a week of accepting the quote the installation team was on site, and in one day, very cleanly and professionally installed the system. Just in time, because in this heat the ACs are getting a lot of use. And the system is proving its worth.  After service has been very personal and professional and Solar Shop Hua Hin have been there to answer any questions. I would completely recommend Solar Shop Hua Hin.”
Simon (Group Construction Director) from the UK, 6KW On-Grid Solar System (flat roof) with Zero Energy Export Meter. House electrical system check up. New/re-routing of 3 phase electrical system for new gym and re-balancing of the loads on the 3 phase lines – to promote long-life of electrical system and prevent power losses at property.

“Good Morning Greg, John called me to tell me about having a contract with you and I was very happy ….. I was even more happy when he said that your team had completed the installation in ONE DAY !!!! ……. Heck ….. I didn’t think anything got finished in one day in Thailand !!!!! John was very surprised and happy with everything about his experience with you and everyone associated with the project …. You have set the bar for anyone else who thinks they are Solar Installers …. I look forward to having you install a bigger system on the house that I will be purchasing from John. John has become a good friend in Thailand, and he had other contractors that he had spoken to …… I told him that in my opinion ….. you were the one that would provide the best value for what he was looking for ……. Thank You for being who you said you are AND being able to deliver what you said you would …. In all the years that I was in construction in the US …. It was always a gamble to recommend contractors ….. What a great feeling to have you and your employees in Hua Hin …. Thanks again. Aloha”
Bob from Hawaii in Regards to John’s Home Solar Install, 8KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. This is excellent blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.”
  Mallory from Brazil. A new comment on the post “Efficiency of Solar Systems Designed for Flat Roofs: What You Need to Know!” http://www.solarshop-huahin.com/2018/07/24/efficiency-of-solar-systems-designed-for-flat-roofs-what-you-need-to-know/

“Hi Greg, Thanks! Your supply and great support, 12x solar panel Seraphim 380w …all working ok, up to 22kW/hr day overcast/sun. Have install DC/AC surge protection panel-inverter. Cheers!”
Kevin from New Zealand. Do-It-Yourself On-Grid 4KW Solar System.

“Hi Greg, I’ve been advertising more than you know on some Norwegian forums. There has been so many discussions about the solar panels and especially the economical part of it. I have put to rest so many heated discussions by showing your pictures from the day of installation. And also my own calculations showing the payback period within 4 years in service at the current production that I have.”
Martin from Norway. 10KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Good evening Greg, Your system seems to function well. Today we have a new record production: we hit the 60.0 Kwh mark! My first invoice was already very promising! Greetings.”
Willem from Belgium. 10KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Installed a 10KW system and very pleased and absolutely satisfied with the service that was provided and the quality of the job done – couldn’t have gone better! Hope for the same support in the future and would highly recommend the team!! 5 stars
Oliver from Austria. 10KW On-Grid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“Based upon an upgraded carport roof DIY solar system concept, the Solar Shop Hua Hin was used to supply expert advice, system parts and the final electrical installation sign off. The system is based upon 16 Sunfree PV’s, readymade solar power junction box, Goodwe ES series inverter and 4 Pylontech US2000 batteries. This system is rated at 6.4 Kw PV and 9600 Wh battery power. This hybrid on grid system is under the control of a zero export/ezmeter and can be monitored 24×7 via all of the inverter OEM aps and programmes. All supplied parts were of the highest quality, in particular all of the PV mounting hardware, the battery cabinet, the wiring and the readymade solar power junction box. The system has been up and running for almost 2 months during the cloudy part of the year and “on average” per day it is generating around 22 Kwh of power, with a one day high so far of 29 Kwh. This would translate to the solar system providing around 65 to 75% of our daily electrical power needs. Based upon this experience I would highly recommend the Solar Shop Hua Hin to anybody considering to install any solar system.”
Trevor from the UK. Do-It-Yourself 5KW Hybrid Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.

“I want to thank Greg very much for the quick supply of equipment for an 8.8 kW grid solar power plant. This system has been working perfectly for weeks! Also a separate thank you for the additional supply of equipment when my customer decided to increase the power of the power plant during installation. Greg delivered me extra panels within hours of payment! I recommend this company for work.”
Andrii from Ukraine. Do-It-Yourself 8.8KW Solar System with Zero Energy Export Meter.