แบตเตอรี่ ลิเธี่ยม Triple Power Lithium ion 6.3KWh/ติดผนัง (ประกัน 10 ปี)

฿132,000.00 ฿108,350.00

These Lithium ion batteries are new generation modules designed specifically for residential and small business storage systems. The Triple Power 6.3KWh Lithium ion battery has higher energy density and higher-powered performance. They are built for safety and reliability, occupy a small area and can be floor or wall mounted. No battery rack required. There is no junction box and you can connect the power cable one-by-one. Operating voltage 85-118 Vdc.

For use with Solax 3 Phase HV Systems (Solax X3 HV 5T/10T). Each system requires Master Controller Box+. Price: 23,000 Baht.

When purchased with Solax HV inverter receive upgrade to 10 year warranty.


Triple Power Lithium ion 6.3KWh/Wall Mounted

Introducing the Triple Power Lithium ion battery with small occupied area. Can be wall-mounted or installed resting on the floor. The Triple power contains Master BMS Box. Up to 4 batteries can be connected for a total of 26kWh. Not acceptable to use two kinds of modules mixed. When sold with a HV Solax hybrid inverter the Pylontech Plus battery warrantee will be upgraded from 2 years to 5 years!


  • Long lifetime (expected 15-30 years)
  • User-friendly
  • Easier installation
  • High performance greater than 6000 Cycle Life (90% DOD)
  • 99% Faradic charge efficiency
  • High reliability and safety. IP55 protection level
  • Safety protection by both software and hardware
  • T-BAT safety system. CE, FCC, RCM, TUV (IEC 62619), UL 1973. Cell battery safety UL 1642
  • Scalability. Minimum 2 up to 4 modules
  • Nominal voltage, 100.8 Vdc. Operating voltage, 85-118 Vdc


Dimensions(W*H*D) [mm] : 464*588*193
Weight[Kg] : 67.5


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