Solax Air Mini 3.3K

฿18,400.00 ฿17,600.00

Solax Air Mini 3.3K : SolaX AIR is a single phase inverter. Harvest more energy with the inverter’s broad MPPT range and peak efficiency of 97.6%


Single phase, single MPPT inverters X1 AIR


Solax AIR is a single phase inverter.

With excellence and high efficiency.

Solax single phase inverter
Operates over a wide MPPT voltage range.
Harvests more energy and pressure.
Maximum input power is 580 volts, with peak efficiency of 97.6%
In addition, the Solax AIR inverter is IP65 (Waterproof)
No internal fan (noise reduction)
And comes with a plug & play WIFI, a stylish accessory.


  • Dimensions(W*H*D) [mm] : 323*402*119
  • Weight[Kg] : 9.5


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