On-Grid Solar Packages

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On-Grid Solar Packages (“Grid-Tie” / Connected to utility grid)

  • Top seller for residential properties (your home)
  • On-Grid solar systems are connected to the utility grid.
  • The systems can switch between solar and grid power as fast as 20ms (your devices will always only “see” steady power).
  • Properly-sized On-Grid systems can offset most of your home/business energy consumption everyday.
  • You can expand your system on a modular basis any time.
  • You can rely on our support, from planning to commissioning the system.
  • The “All-In-One” solar packages include European Standard “Tier 1” panels, all accessories (including PEA standard electric control box(es)) and professional installation.
  • Please know you may substitute solar kit equipment for any item listed on this website.
  • We can also quote you an equipment package if you already have an installer or you wish to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).
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BLOWOUT SALE: “Tier 1” Fully Installed Solar Systems, Lowest Prices, PEA Certified, Hua Hin, Cha am and Pranburi.

Hua Hin Solar On-Grid Packages – Quality, durability, and Our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

What is Phase you ask? Go to your house/property electric meter on the street. Read the front. If it says “1 Phase 2 Wire” or “1P 2W” your electrical system is single or 1 phase. If it reads “3 Phase 4 Wire” or “3P 4W” your electrical system is 3 phase. To understand better what Phase is you can also read our Solar News Blog entitled, “Part 2 of 4: What is 1 and 3 Phase? ….”

Ask us also about zero energy export meters to limit export of excess electricity to the street. You can also use the meters to monitor the energy consumption and feed in throughout the whole day. This sets up allows you to achieve the goal of having your property “self-consume” the power produced by your solar system.


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