Pylontech Plus LV Lithium ion 2400Wh/48V/50Ah (5 Yr Warranty)

฿48,000.00 ฿41,800.00

These Lithium ion batteries are second generation modules designed specifically for residential and small business storage systems. The US2000B Lithium ion battery has higher energy density and higher-powered performance. The US2000B power cable and Amphenol terminal are rated for 100A. Battery Management System included. There is no junction box and you can connect the power cable one-by-one.

Custom-made battery racks for between 1 and 4 x US2000B batteries (17,500 Baht, Standard White Color) and 8 x batteries (beginning at 24,100 Baht) priced separately. HV Systems (Solax X3 HV 5T/10T require Pylontech HV controller unit (21,600).

When purchased with Solax and GoodWe Hybrid inverters receive upgrade to 5 year warranty.



Pylontech Plus (US2000B) LV Lithium ion 2400Wh/48V

The Pylontech Plus 48V US2000B battery module has appearance designed focus on home energy storage system. it is user friendly and looks like normal household. All the cables including power cables and communication cables are on the back, looks artistic. Also we designed the rack for installation. When sold with a LV: Standard 48V Low Voltage. Solax hybrid inverter the Pylontech Plus battery warrantee will be upgraded from 2 years to 5 years!


  • Long lifetime (expected 15-30 years)
  • User-friendly
  • Easier installation
  • High performance with 8000 Cycle Life (80% DOD)
  • Continuous charge/discharge current: 100A (2C)
  • High reliability with 2 MCUs
  • Bus hardware options: RS232/485, CAN
  • High EMC standard


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