On-Grid Hybrid Solar Packages

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On-Grid Hybrid Solar Packages (Battery Storage & Connected to utility grid)

  • Hybrid (on-grid) solar systems are connected to the utility grid – so solar energy powers your property much like it does with an on-grid inverter, significantly lowering your electric bill.
  • Hybrid systems also use solar energy to charge the battery bank full. The battery bank provides “Emergency Power Supply” (EPS) during grid-shut down. You choose which individual items in the house (appliances, inverter air cons, inverter water pump, TV, fans, lights, WiFi, even an entire master bedroom) you want to power when there is a “black out.” We will connect them to the battery bank for “Emergency Power Supply” when the grid shuts down.
  • The batteries can also discharge solar electricity to your house (Solax inverters) or chosen household items (GoodWe inverter) 24/7, so you effectively can power your loads with solar energy during the night and also during the day during stormy conditions. Of course this further reduces your electric bills.
  • The systems can switch between solar and grid power as fast as 20ms (your devices will always only “see” steady power).
  • Properly-sized On-Grid systems can offset most of your home/business energy consumption everyday.
  • You can expand your system on a modular basis any time.
  • You can rely on our support, from planning to commissioning the system.
  • The “All-In-One” solar packages include Seraphim Energy factory mono PERC panels, all accessories (including PEA standard electric control box(es)) and professional installation.
  • Each system also includes an energy export control meter. Ask us about zero energy export meters to limit export of excess electricity to the street. You can also use the meters to monitor the energy consumption and feed in throughout the whole day. This sets up allows you to achieve the goal of having your property “self-consume” the power produced by your solar system.
  • Please know you may substitute solar kit equipment for any item listed on this website.
  • We can also quote you an equipment package if you already have an installer or you wish to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).


Hua Hin Solar Hybrid (On-Grid) Packages – Quality, Durability, and Our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

Inverters quotes in the pricing chart are: GoodWe 5KW 4058-ES (PEA, 1 Phase), Solax 5KW X1 HV 5T (Not PEA, 1 Phase) and Solax 10KW X3 HV 10T (soon on PEA list, 3 Phase). See the On-Grid inverters section of this website to find out more. The prices of our lithium batteries and hybrid inverters have dropped significantly this past year. Lithium batteries may cost a bit more than gel or lead-acid batteries but they will save you a lot of money in the long-term – as they can last over 15 years. See our Pylontech 2.4KWh and Triple Power 6.3KWh in the Solar Batteries section of this website for more information.


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