Off-Grid Solar Packages

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Off-Grid Solar Packages (including Battery Storage and “Tier 1” Solar Panels)

  • Off-Grid solar systems offer battery storage/backup and power your appliances, devices, pumps and machinery/tools 24/7, when you need them the most. These systems are in use for properties that are either connected to the grid or are independent of the grid.
  • The solar systems listed are sample packages. Most systems are customised by our engineering to cater to your energy needs and budget. When it comes to off-grid hybrid systems the solutions are as creative as the energy requirements.
  • Some systems are independent of the grid. Examples are limitless: A “Stand Alone” system powering garden flood lights, an “Uninterruptible Power Supply” (UPS) system powering appliances & devices during grid-shut down, an off-grid system powering a remote kiosk at a sporting events/leisure park facility, and so on. Hua Hin Solar systems offer an impressive output range up to 100KW powering the largest house manner, business property and even an entire factory.
  • Grid-connected systems can switch between solar and grid power as fast as 20ms (your devices will always only “see” steady power).
  • Properly-sized systems can offset most of your home/business energy consumption everyday.
  • You can expand your system on a modular basis any time.
  • You can rely on our support, from planning to commissioning the system.
  • The “All-In-One” solar packages include European Standard “Tier 1” panels, all accessories (including PEA standard electric control box(es)) and professional installation.
  • Please know you may substitute solar kit equipment for any item listed on this website.
  • We can also quote you an equipment package if you already have an installer or you wish to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).


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