NewMax Gel 12V 200Ah

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Deep Cycle, Extra Heavy Duty, Solar Battery, Easy carry handle, Up to 3 x Longer Life (1500 cycles at 50% D.O.D.).
Truly maintenance-free sealed GEL battery. Designed for frequent deep-cycle for PV and energy storage applications.
Thanks to MaxPress grid and ThixoPure GEL technology, provides stability and longevity for renewable energy needs.
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  • True maintenance-free sealed GEL batteries.
  • 3 x longer performance and life (1500 cycles at 50% D.O.D.) in deep cycle application.
  • Easy carry handle. High charging efficiency. Low rate of self discharge.
  • MaxPress Grid Technology – Battery survives toughest deep discharge and PSoC applicaitons.
  • ThixoPure GEL Technology – Great increase cycle life and Extra temperature protection.
  • FlexSealing Anti Explosive Filter – Prevent Leakage and Gassing.
  • ActiveCarbon – Improve performance consistency.
  • Thermal Protection Heat Protection Case – Flame resistant Polypropylene case material.
  • Dimension  (L*W*H) mm. : 524*241*215 mm.
  • Weight (kg) : 42.6

Applications : Inverter, Solar Photo voltaic, Deep discharge application & Marine


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