Kolsat Off-Grid 50KVA (Made to order)

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Kolsat Off-Grid Solar Inverter 10KVA ~ 120KVA (PV 360V / AC380V)

This Off-Grid solar system is available in 10KVA ~ 120KVA models with DSP digital control technology,
it is combined with pulse- width modulation (SVPWM), disturbance MPPT control and multi-level
control technology to enable the system to track the maximum power of solar panels fast. Its secure
power supply feature provides good quality power with regulated voltage and frequency to the loads,
and it is featured with energy storage and staggering power consumption as well. It is an ideal
inverter for medium-sized or large-scale residential, commercial and industrial PV applications which
are off the grid, such as village, farm, factory, office building and islands etc.



  • High-speed DSP digital control
  • Full-bridge invertert control technology, providing secure power supply in the event of three phase
    100% unbalanced loads
  • Multi-string PV connected
  • Inbuilt AC rectifier and MPPT control modules, configured battery parameters by operating
    interface, self-regulation for0 ms 0 mscharging voltage and current
  • Hot-swap MPPT modules for easy maintenance and power expansion
  •  Auto access MPP tracking states, be most probable to use PV energy in priority
  •  Intelligent AC and PV complementation power supply function to extend the battery life.
  • Using multicore control technology and auto MPP trackers, auto-start AC rectifier enable PV and AC
    source to supply power to Inverter startup, shutdown, abnormal clearance, EPO, battery self-test
    the loads at the same time in the event of insufficient PV, which reduces battery discharge times and
    entend the battery life
  • Intelligent staggering power consumption function
  • Standard RS232, RS485 and optional SNMP communication port
  • Multiple remote control: startup, shutdown, abnormal clearance, EPO, battery test and remote alarm
  • Staggering energy storage and power generation


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