Kolsat NK-GP3000 (Hybrid Inverter 3000W)


Kolsat NK-GP3000 (Off-grid Hybrid Inverter 3000W)

Meet the new Kolsat Hybrid Inverter to meet different application requirements. During the day while the sun is shining. Solar cells generate the most energy. It is a time when you and your family often use less energy or have the lowest level of consumption. It is a self-reliant energy system that can use solar energy independently. By storing unused capacity in the battery. This will be able to check the usage. By computer and smartphone at any time. Including the evaluation function of the use Energy in your home.

Kolsat Hybrid is the perfect solution for today and tomorrow.


Product Data: NK-GP3000

  • Product Size: 490mm×235mm×420mm
  • Max. Product size: 490mm×235mm×485mm (including wheels)
  • Shell Material: Iron
  • Color: Cream-Coloured
  • Product N.W: 42.6kg (with controller)
  • G.W./CTN: 53.2kgs


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