HSS 250 Off-Grid Mini : “Do It Yourself” Solar Kit


HSS 250 Off-Grid Mini (1 Battery Backup): “Do It Yourself” (DIY) Solar Kit : Euro Standard, Royal Blue Panels, Grade A accessories, Professional Team

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DIY Off-Grid Solar System includes:

  • DC Solar System : Perfect for applications such as lighting, fan, TV, holiday homes, cabins
  • 1 x Euro Standard 265W HSS Royal Blue Panels
  • 1 Charge Controller
  • 1 x 200Ah Deep Cycle Solar Batteries
  • Grade A accessories
  • Free customisation of HHS roof mounting system to your roof
  • Installation by our Professional Team not included but available at extra cost

PLEASE NOTE: All solar kits can be customised / upgraded according to your roof design and your energy-saving needs. Excellent for battery backup systems: Outdoor lighting, vacation homes and cabins, boats & vehicles (RV’s), water-pumps, purification systems and telecommunication stations


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