HHS Hybrid e-Bike


Intelligent Hybrid-Powered Folding e-Bike: Small Size, Big Energy, Intelligent, Real-time control, Brakes safely, Silent but powerful, LED Head-Lamp, 3 color, Fold it in 5 seconds

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Intelligent Hybrid-Powered Folding Bike : By sensing and calculating real-time peddling force, peddling rate, velocity and road condition, this system provides the just-right assists for any cycling condition.

  • Small Size, Big Energy
  • Smart Cycling Computer: Real-time control, display and record data
  • Disc Brakes and Motor-Inhibitor: Operates efficiently and safely
  • Genuine LG Li-Ion Battery: 3.6V 6.6Ah: 3-hour charge, Drive 35-70 Km*
  • Battery Management System
  • Brushless DC Motor: Silent but powerful
  • LED Head-Lamp. Light-up your path in the night
  • 3 color options to suit your style! White color currently in stock!
  • Simple and Intuitive: Fold it in 5 seconds!

* Depending on Assist Level and terrain.


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