Customised “Tier 1” Solar Systems : “Do It Yourself” Solar Kit

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Tailor-Made to Your Energy Requirements, Solar Systems Include:

  • Euro Standard “Tier 1” 300W, 325W and 360W Panels (Customised)
  • Euro Certified MPPT Charge Controller(s) / MPPT Inverter(s) – 1 OR 3 phase
  • Deep Cycle Solar (Heavy Duty) Long-Life Battery Banks (Size and Type Customised)
  • Grade A Accessories
  • Free customisation of HHS roof mounting system to your roof
  • Installation by our Professional Team or “Do It Yourself” (DIY)
  • Uses a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to optimise charging batteries for Off-Gird solar energy systems.
  • Ask Us About Designing Your On-Grid, On-Grid Hybrid or Off-Grid Hybrid System Today!


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