Auto Charge Controller 60A + USB


MPPT Solar Charge Controller LCD / LED 5 ~ 60 A applications in solar home system, public security monitoringsystem, solar street lamp system, DC signal light power supply system, small and medium-sized
telecommunication station, small PV power station and solar DC power supply system.

Varunty 1 year.


Working principle

  • Microprocessor system Or catcher Take care of the electrical signals from the solar panel.
  • Compared to the current in the battery and choose the highest electrical signal from the panel to fully charge the battery at all times.

Therefore do not worry when using this device, While the outside sun is not stable, Less sunshine in Morning / evening or overcast Before / after rain

  •  Control the frequency of the electric wave from the solar panel to a constant.
  • Digitally It has a function indicator that is connected to devices such as the function of the solar panel.
  • Battery charge level (Full / Medium / Low or Low)
  • DC power supply for DC appliances The circuit  will Automatic shut off In case of low battery to protect the battery / deteriorate from overload (Over Charge/ Over Discharge Protection)




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