Kolsat VRLA 12V (250Ah)




The battery is dry (Dry) seal.No need Added distilled water. Vertical installation and horizontal


The battery is dry (Dry) seal. No need to add distilled water. No release of noxious gases. Vertical installation and horizontal.

Suitable for

High quality battery using advanced technology and machinery suitable for electrical equipment with continuous use of electricity – such as electric cars, light trucks, street lighting, emergency lighting, telephone systems, Measuring instruments, UPS, ETC.


  • The concentration of acid (Electrolyte) in the battery is the same concentration throughout resulting in a relatively constant battery output – over its lifetime.
  • Long service life due to excellent heat transfer due to gel spread over the battery and easy to transfer heat.
  • Less space to install less due to the physical characteristics and dimensions of the battery.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not suitable for starting a car.
  • Not suitable Installation at high temperatures.

1 Year Warrantee


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